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Gauss Warthog


UNSC Gausshog Vs Covenant Locust

The Gausshog is a UNSC vehicle that is a normal Warthog but the chain-gun is replaced by a Gauss Cannon. The Gausshog is a 4x4 reconnaissance vehicle equipped for scouting and eliminating Covenant vehicles. The high-velocity M68 Gauss Cannon mounted on the rear can stop most enemy ground forces in their tracks with just a few shots. The Covenant Locust on the other hand, is capable of extremely long-range, yet pinpoint-accurate, strikes from its devastating Plasma Cannon, making the Locust a perfect combat weapon for bringing down UNSC artillery and structures.

A new desert gauss hog will be released in 2013. The new gauss hog will feature new lighting and sound effects, it will be one of the first halo mega bloks sets to feature lights and sounds


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