Versus: Assault on High Ground
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1 blue Mark IV Spartan II
1 red Mark IV Spartan II
1 blue Recon Spartan II
1 red CQB Spartan II
1 Active Camo EVA Spartan


1 Pistol
1 Mauler
1 Spartan Laser
1 Battle Rifle
1 Needler
2 Trip Mine
1 blue Flag
2 Fusion Coils



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August 2011

Versus High Ground is a set based off the Halo 3 Map High Ground and has five figures representing each team during a Capture the Flag match. The new Ghost design is also included in this set. This set is exclusive to Target.

Product Description

Choose your side as two teams of Covenant and UNSC forces clash for total control of High Ground Base! Red Team occupies key positions on High Ground with its Spartan Laser and mesh canopy camouflage. Blue Team’s strike force rush the front gate armed with advanced Covenant weapons and assisted with the new Covenant Ghost!

Ideal for ages 8 and up!.


  • 1 Blue Recon and Spartan-II super soldiers
  • 1 Red CQB and Spartan-II super soldiers
  • 1 Active Camo EVA
  • High Ground Structure with mesh canopy, defense turrets and Halo 3 designed blue flag
  • 1 Newly designed Covenant Ghost
  • 6 weapons: Spartan Laser, M6D Pistol, Needler, Battle Rifle, Mauler, Trip Mine


  • This set like all versus sets will be a Target Exclusive.
  • This it the first set with an AC EVA



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