Mega Bloks Halo Wars Wiki

Hello everyone, boy it has been a while. 

I myself have been busy for a while, and it seems like this wiki has gone dormant. With around 250 daily views, we need to work back up to our former place. Updating the wiki with LOADS of information is EXTREMLY neccesary, and I myself will be starting to do that. I will be greatful to anyone else who decides to join along, as we have the power to bring this wiki back from the dead. 

In the meantime make ANY nessecary edits, message me new ideas that I will aprove of if they will improve the wiki, and I will try to get the other admins and mods back as well. Have a wonderful day!

- 99alextheman99, Founder of the Wiki 00:30, June 4, 2013 (UTC)