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hello my name is Ghille45x, and i have been playing halo scince the age of 9. I like halo because it is different from the other games, like call of duty and gears of war.Otherwise i am useally playing saints row3 or TC Future Solider.

top 3 favourite Halo Games

3: Halo Wars

2: Halo 3

1: Halo Reach

I put reach 1st because fir 3 reasons.

1: The last EVER halo game bungie ever made before handing it over to 343 Indesturies.

2: The AMAZING game Graphics that only Bungie can produce.

3: Noble teams Epic struggle against the covenant

Top 5 Xbox 360 Games

My ALL TIME Favourite Character in Saints Row 3

5: Army Of Two: 40th Day

4:Tom Clacy's Future Solider

3:Halo Wars

2: Saints row 3


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