UNSC Marine

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(main)   Flamethrower    



Assault Rifle
Rocket Launcher
Machine Gun Turret
Battle Rifle


Arctic Wolverine

Color (Rank in brackets)

Green (Standard Rank)
White (Snow Camouflage)
Red (Unknown Rank)
Orange (Unknown Rank)
Yellow (Unknown rank)
Tan (Desert Camo)
Blue (Unknown Rank)
Silver (Unknown rank)


Combat Unit
Battle Unit 2
Brute Chopper
Hero Pack Series 4

The Marine Corps is the primary interplanetary military force of the UNSC. They differ from the UNSC Army in the fact that the Marines travel between systems, while the Army relies on troops already stationed upon a colony. Marines, though highly formidable against other humans, are largely no match for the superior military and technological might of the Covenant's armed forces. They came in some of the 2010 sets and were modeled after the Halo Wars Marines, with their faces obscured by balaclavas. It appears that in 2011 at least some of them have retooled heads that lack a balaclava, revealing their faces and making them resemble the Marines seen in Halo: Combat Evolved and a Halo 3 style one in the anniversary edition: Floodgate set. Open mask marines' legs are a mix of two different legs. The upper part is actually the higher piece of a Spartan's leg, in different colors. The lower part is made with the lower piece of the Pelican Pilot's leg, in different colors like before. Unlike the Halo Wars/Halo 3 marines mega bloks version of the Halo 4 marine is so far only available in game accurate colours.


  • Green --- Found in Series 2 Hero Packs, Brute Chopper, Wolverine, and others.
  • Red --- Found in Series 1 Hero Packs, Red Combat Unit at Target.
  • Orange --- Found in Battle Unit 2.
  • White --- Found in Arctic Wolverine ,Arctic Combat Unit
  • Silver --- Found in Silver Combat Unit, rockethog VS. AA gun
  • Yellow --- Found in Series 3 Hero Packs.
  • Blue --- Found in Versus Blue Combat Unit.
  • lime Green --- Found in the Series 4 Hero Pack
  • Black --- Found in Brute Prowler Attack



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