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Covenant AA guns are used to destroy enemy Aircraft, such as Pelicans, Longsword fighters or even small capital ships like Frigates. It is set to appear with the new Halo Reach Steel Rockethog in set #96923, UNSC Rockethog vs Anti Aircraft Turret. The covenant Tyrant as its known, uses high velocity plasma rounds capable of destroying UNSC frigates, the covenant always set the tyrant AA gun up near a site of importance (e.g. A landing area for their invading forces or an area of religious importance)

A UNSC Rockethog with Marine and HAZOP Spartan races to engage a well-guarded Covenant Anti-Air Turret. Using its powerful M79 rocket launchers, the Rockethog attempts to destroy the alien super-weapon, clearing the way for a full-scale UNSC assault. This buildable set includes a UNSC Rockethog with dual M79 Multiple Launch Rocket System, a Type-38 “Tyrant” with rotating cannon, articulated legs and edge glow parts, New Covenant weapons crate, a Hazop Spartan, a NEW UNSC Marine, a combat Elite and Jump Pack Brute with weapons and jump jet!


  • Age: 8+
  • SRP: $59.99
  • Available: Fall 2011


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