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The SPARTAN-IV Program was the successor to the SPARTAN-II and III programs of the Human-Covenant War. No longer a Navy project, the SPARTAN-IVs belong to their own branch, and their ranks are largely composed of consenting adult volunteers rather than child conscripts (the rest of their ranks being composed of the remaining SPARTAN-IIIs, mostly members of Gamma and Delta Company).

The SPARTAN-IVs are outfitted with the second generation of the MJOLNIR powered armor system, designated MJOLNIR [GEN2]. Unlike previous incarnations of the MJOLNIR system, [GEN2] does not have a default variant in the same manner that the Mark IV, V, and VI suits did (these suits having been retroactively designated [GEN1]), and although the [GEN2] system does possess a Mark VII variant, it is not the default iteration of the technology. Instead, [GEN2] has a myriad of privately manufactured specialized variants, each designed for use in specific situations. By default, SPARTAN-IVs are given what is called the "recruit" variant of the armor, which is designed to be used effective in most combat situations. After using the recruit variant for an individually determined amount of time, SPARTAN-IVs are free to requisition more specialized armor types if they desire.

The SPARTAN-IVs are more numerous and expendable than the SPARTANs of previous programs. As they are recruited out of the UNSC's best personnel, minimal additional training is necessary, and with the negligible casualty rates of their augmentations, SPARTAN-IVs can be produced quickly and in large quantities. The UNSC Infinity alone maintains a task force of roughly five hundred SPARTAN-IVs.

Mega Bloks has only recently begun to include SPARTAN-IVs in sets, and thus at present only a limited selection of SPARTAN-IV figures are available, including Warrior and Soldier Spartans. More SPARTAN-IV armor types are going to be released in 2013, including the Recruit armor.