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EOD (Explosive Ordinance Disposal)
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Rocket Launcher
Sentinel Beam
Energy Sword(Zombie)




Glow in the Dark


UNSC Orange combat unit
Covenant Wraith
Hero Packs Series 7
Hero Packs Series 6
Last Man standing Zombie Pack

The MJOLNIR Powered Assault Armor Explosive Ordnance Disposal variant, or EOD armor, was a variation of type MJOLNIR system developed by ONI's Materials Group following the death of Samuel-034 during the Battle of Chi-Ceti IV in late 2525. Samuel's death was caused by a rupture in his armor's pressure seal while aboard a Covenant warship. Due to the rupture, Samuel was unable to perform an EVA in order to get off of the ship, and was killed when ANVIL-II missiles were detonated near the ship's plasma reactor. ONI, seeking to prevent more SPARTAN-IIs from dying because of something as trivial as a ruptured pressure seal, ordered the Materials Group to add improved pressure dispersal systems to the MJOLNIR system. These improvements became standard on the basic MJOLNIR Mk. IV suit, but the Materials Group also developed an entirely new variant of the MJOLNIR system, intended for use by SPARTANs working closely with explosive ordnance. This new suit, called EOD armor, sacrificed some of the hardware that was otherwise standard for the MJOLNIR system, replacing it with incredibly advanced pressure dispersal technology. The first Mega Bloks EOD Spartan is introduced in the Desert weapon pack. The EOD's chest armor appears to be a MJOLNIR Mark V chest.

Purple EOD from Series 6

Yellow EOD from Series 7