Rockethog vs Anti-Aircraft Gun

MSR Price





1 yellow HAZOP Spartan
1 silver UNSC Marine
1 white Asetic Elite
1 purple Jump Pack Brute


1 Energy Sword
4 Plasma Pistol
1 Mauler
1 Assault Rifle
1 Battle Rifle
5 Plasma Grenade


Covenant AA Gun

Item Number


Release Date

Fall 2011

This set features a Type-38 Tyrant AA gun and a new Halo: Reach style M12R Rockethog (refered to as a Missilehog on this wiki to avoid confusion with the 2010 M12A1 Rockethog), and includes a HAZOP Spartan with an MA37 Assault Rifle, a UNSC Marine with a Battle Rifle, an Elite Ascetic with a Energy Sword and Plasma Pistol, and a new Jump Pack Brute with a Mauler and Purple Plasma Grenade. Several weapons caches are also included, to store 4 additional grenades and 3 additional Plasma Pistols.

From Manufactuer

Mega Bloks Halo UNSC Rockethog vs Anti Aircraft Gun Establish your army, build and expand your collection with the Halo UNSC Rockethog vs Anti Aircraft Gun by Mega Bloks! A UNSC Rockethog with Marine and HAZOP Spartan races to engage a well-guarded Covenant Anti-Air Gun. Using its powerful M79 rocket launchers, the Rockethog attempts to destroy the alien super-weapon, clearing the way for a full-scale UNSC assault. Ideal for children ages 8 and up!


  • Buildable UNSC Rockethog and Covenant Type-38 “Tyrant” anti-aircraft gun
  • UNSC Rockethog with dual M79 Multiple Launch Rocket System
  • Covenant Type-38 “Tyrant” with rotating cannon and edge glow parts
  • Includes Hazop Spartan, Marine, Ascetic Elite and Jump Pack Brute with weapons and jump pack!

Pre Release



  • This is the first set to feature this type of Rockethog
  • This is the first set to feature the Type-38 Tyrant AA Gun
  • This is the first set to include the Ascetic Elite


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