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Type-52 Special Applications Rifle




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The Focus Rifle, or Type-50 Special Applications Rifle, is a Covenant weapon released in 2012. It is a reverse-engineered Sentinel Beam, commonly used by Jackal snipers and some Elites. Unlike the incredibly lethal Particle Beam Rifle, which vaporizes armor and flesh instantaneously to quickly and effectively kill or maim victims, the Focus Rifle, although technically occupying a similar role, is meant to be used for different purposes, specifically to act more as a deterrent weapon than a traditional point-and-kill sniper rifle. The wider, cooler energy beam of the Focus Rifle gradually strips away a target's shielding, armor, and/or flesh, causing incredibly painful and horrifying wounds which are intended to prevent an enemy from wanting to advance further, more effectively inflicting psychological trauma than physical. However, headshots with the Focus Rifle still provide quick albeit not very clean kills, as the intense heat of the energy beam it fires quickly burns away hair, skin, and other sorts of facial tissue, and also causes brain matter to boil and rupture within the skull. It will also burn away bone tissue if the target is continually struck by the weapon for several moments. The Focus Rifle has the potential to be an effective close-range weapon, but its tremendous energy expenditure generally limits it to use at longer ranges.

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