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Year 2

Many new sets came out this year.

  • Set #96824: UNSC Pelican Dropship- Contains 944 pieces. includes one pelican dropships, 2 yellow spartan 2 one with rocket launcher and other with shotgun, one yellow hayabusa with katana and assault rifle, and one UNSC pilot with M6D and open face helmet.
  • Set #96832: Covenant Wraith- contains 459 pieces. Includes wraith, White Elite ultra with sword, Orange Haybusa with katana, and Rocket Launcher Turret.
  • Set #96835: UNSC Short Sword -- contains 471 pieces. includes one short sword, one green UNSC pilot with M6D, and 2 jackals both with blue shield and each have a carbine.
  • Set #96838: UNSC Red Weapon Pack -- Contains 24 pieces. Includes a red spartan 2 weapon stand one variant 2 assault rifle, 1 variant 2 rocket launcher, 1 variant 2 smg, 1 variant 2 shotgun and one chain gun. it is a target exclusive.
  • Set #96838: Covenant weapons Pack -- Contains 22 pieces. includes one red brute stalker, one weapon stand, 1 variant 2 beam rifle, 1 variant 2 brute shot, 2 variant plasma pistol, and one portable beam canon. It is a target exclusive.
  • Set #96850: ODST Covert Hawk -- contains 328 pieces. includes covert hawk and ghost mini figs include a brown pilot odst, jackal with purple shield an carbine, and a blue elite with a carbine. It is a TRU (Toys R Us) exclusives.
  • Set #96853: ODST Covenant Invasion -- contains 669 pieces. includes covert camo scorpion tank with 2 ground assault odst. One vampire with copper elite flight. It is a TRU(Toys R Us) exclusive.
  • Set #96866: UNSC Troop Transport -- Contains 165 pieces. includes one red UNSC Troop Transport Warthog, one rocky grassy terrain piece, one purple brute with beam cannon and brute shot, and two red spartan 2 with a sniper rifle and smg.
  • Set #96867: UNSC Hornet Attack -- Contains 256 pieces. includes one covenant sniper platform, one red UNSC hornet, one red hayabusa spartan with katana, one UNSC red pilot with M6D, and one jackal with red energy shield and carbine.
  • Set #96870: Hero/Mystery Packs series 2 -- contains 3 pieces one brick one mini figure and one weapon. Their is a total of 8 mini figs 5 common 2 rare and 1 ultra rare.


  • The common mini figs are. Green Marine with assault rifle and backpack, Purple Brute with spiker, Blue Flame Marine with flamethrower, Red Spartan with carbine, and a Copper Flight Elite with beam rifle.
  • The rares are. Purple Spartan 2 with brute shot and a pink hayabusa with a katana
  • The ultra rare is a Active Camo Flame Marine with a active camo flamethrower.