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Type-52 Pistol




UNSC Rockethog vs Covenant AA Gun
Versus High Ground
Covenant Cobalt Combat Unit (2013)
Hero Pack Series 7

The Mauler is a close-range semi-automatic sidearm. It is a cross between a pistol and a shotgun, but the Brutes use it almost exclusively as the former. It uses a drum magazine, and the weapon cycles like a revolver, and it does not eject spent shells. However, unlike a normal revolver or shotgun, the magazine is detachable; when the magazine is empty, the hammer snaps back, and the user flicks their wrist to drop the spent magazine out, then inserts a fresh one and clicks the hammer back into place. The Mauler is less effective than the UNSC's M90 Shotgun, but when dual-wielded it easily outclasses the M90.

The Mauler is the weapon of choice for Brute Stalkers, and Brute Minors and even Majors sometimes use it as their primary weapon, but it is normal used as a backup weapon in case they run out of ammo for their main weapon or if their main weapon is lost or damaged. It can be found in The Assault on High ground set and UNSC Rockethog vs Covenant AA Gun set.