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Type-2 Energy Weapon/Hammer




The Gravity Hammer is a powerful Brute warhammer that is used by high-ranking brutes, typically Chieftains. No two Gravity Hammers are exactly alike, as they are custom made to suit the needs and preferences of the user. However, most in halo 3 share the same basic design, consisting of a thick metal shaft, a bulky head containing a gravity manipulation device, and a large tungsten carbide blade behind the head. Gravity hammers are passed down to the current chieftan from their fathers or uncles, usually to get the hammer they must challenge their own father or uncle and have to kill them to show dominance and that it is time for new leadership an example of this was when Tartarus challenged his uncle Maccabaeus who had already been injured, Tartarus allowed maccabeus to use his hammer but Tartarus still defeated maccabeus and received maccabeus' armor and the fist of rukt. The fist of rukt was an ancient hammer with a stone head however by the time Tartarus received it there were some upgrades added to it and Tartarus added more to it. The fist of rukt is presumed to have been left where Tartarus died thus no other brute was able to receive this ancient hammer. The fist of rukt is also presumed to be a one of a kind as brutes seemed to prefer more modern metal hammers instead of stone