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Elite Minors are the lowest ranking Elites. They have been in the sets since the beginning and are the most common type of Elites and are seen leading groups of Grunts and Jackals into combat and are lead themselves by Elite Majors.


  • While Elite Minors are typically forbidden from wielding energy swords in the fiction up until Halo 4, but they have given previous versions them in several Mega Bloks sets. This is simply a canon mistake made by Mega bloks.
  • Halo 4 Storm elites seems to be equivelant to Elite Minors and wear the same dark blue colours. The storm elites in halo 4 have only ever been seen in Blue, this has not prevented mega from releasing a red version available in the Mega bloks Cobra and Series 8 minifig packs. Mega have also released a Blue storm elite in a weapons pack, a gold storm elite available in the REAP-X Quadwalker, and a copper storm elite in the Hornet vs Vampire set.


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